What is Dating Like in Japan? 💏 日本で付き合うことはどう?

What is Dating Like in Japan? 💏 日本で付き合うことはどう?

Ever wondered what dating is like in Japan with Japanese as a foreigner? Today my friends and I will be discussing what our dating lives have been like in Japan! Love hotels? Holding hands? Kissing in public? In this video we’ll tell you our experiences/opinions! Do you agree? Or disagree with our perspectives on dating? Comment below! Thank you to my friends that I went to UCLA with, Masashi and Chisei for being in this video! ♡ Thank you to YouTube Space Tokyo for letting us film at the space!
※ Audio may go up and down a bit!
※ My perspective is mostly about how dating culture is at university (UCLA 18-early 20’s) in Los Angeles and of course my opinion is not EVERY Americans opinion!

Check out their videos on: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVVun6l51b35Azl_A7ChHSg
How To Ask Someone on a DATE! 好きな人をデートに誘う時に使える英会話 ft. LeSweetpea: https://youtu.be/WT-gkO7ciU8
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