Tesla Autopilot In City & Driving Frankfurt City Downtown 4K

Tesla Autopilot In City & Driving Frankfurt City Downtown 4K

We continue our Tesla Model 3 road trip experience by exploring the Frankfurt city downtown area and testing the behavior of the Tesla autopilot in city driving at the same time. In particular, we are curious about to what extent Tesla’s autopilot features are limited in Germany compared to in the US due to the new EU regulations. At the time of shooting this video, the software version of our car was 2019.12.1.2.

0:49 Why we made this video: we want to explore Frankfurt skyscrapers and at the same time test the Tesla autopilot on city streets.
1:28 We set the max speed for the Tesla autopilot in city to 50 km/h as this is the standard speed limit in German cities.
1:42 The autopilot slowed down our Model 3 when recognizing cyclists on the street.
1:52 We tried to turn on the Tesla model 3 autopilot in traffic despite the notification “autosteer unavailable”.
2:55 The autopilot steered the car too close to the border of a construction zone.
3:02 Interesting sights in Frankfurt: Frankfurt Skyline Plaza and the exhibition area (Messe Frankfurt).
3:42 Tesla autopilot fail compilation in Frankfurt city center.
4:22 We were impressed by the performance of the Tesla autopilot on curvy road with lots of cyclists.
4:47 As we’ve expected, features such as traffic lights and stop signs recognition and response are unavailable yet.
5:37 We explain why are some Tesla autopilot features limited in Europe compared to in America.
6:04 Driving though some extremely narrow streets in a residential area.
6:09 We weren’t able to turn on Tesla autopilot in traffic since street borders couldn’t even be recognized on the touch screen.
7:00 Driving through Frankfurt city downtown area where the most skyscrapers are located.
8:11 We finished our Frankfurt city tour at a rooftop beach with a nice view towards the Frankfurt skyline.
8:39 Personal conclusion of our Model 3 autopilot test in city traffic.

This is 🔺PART 2🔺 of our Tesla Model 3 road trip Europe video series. If you want to see some 4K Frankfurt city drive at night, or if you want to know how our car performed on the highway from Munich to Frankfurt, and whether we were able to charge the Model 3 as planned, be sure to check out this playlist 😎
👉 https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLmfwVwnxbklZbN45d6mqRegZe1PwxIHH2

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