Breaded Meat Tacos and Green Salsa !!! | Mexican Street Food | Southern Part of Mexico City

Breaded Meat Tacos and Green Salsa !!! | Mexican Street Food | Southern Part of Mexico City

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Hey guys!! Welcome to a brand-new episode.

So, this video was recorded at a famous street food stand called “Los Milanesos” which could mean something like “The breaded ones”, it happened during a Sunday morning at around 10 pm on the southern part of Mexico City.

The stand was located on the sidewalk, selling mainly breaded meat tacos and it had this classic Mexican street food vibe to it. There was also a fairly decent line of parked cars near the place and a line of people waiting to pay for their tacos and enjoy the delicious food. So, instantly we were able to tell that the food was going to be good.

Regarding the food, it was good indeed, the chicken and beef meat, pork ham, cheese as well as the other ingredients seemed to be of a good quality, well cooked and seasoned, all packed up by a double tortilla. As it said during the video, everything was crunchy and deep fried which always tends to add up to the overall flavors, the meat was tender and flavorful.

There is nothing really to complain about, it was a good experienced at a low cost and easy to access place, talking about costs, here is a list of the things we had:

1- Breaded meat tacos (chicken and beef) tacos: $1 US – $20 MXN
2- Combo crunch tacos (breaded meat, pork ham and cheese): $1 US – $20 MXN

It is very cheap, we believe that the average person will be okay after eating 2 at max 3 tacos, so you are looking at a complete and delicious lunch for under $5 US – $100 MXN

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